Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ashley's Albertsons Round Up Trip

I decided to go to a different Albertsons to try and score the free Bounty paper towels
with success! However, I did not like their X-Ray vision on my coupons. Because
my cream cheese coupon said "spread" I was unable to get regular cream cheese, which
normally, wouldn't be an issue as all cream cheese to me is a "spread." But hey, I got my
free Bounty!

Here is my transaction details:
4 Bounty Paper Towels $1 Ea
2 Crecent Rolls $1 Ea
2 Cinnamon Rolls $1 Ea
2 Newmans Pasta Sauce $2 Ea
3 Simplait Yogurts $.75 Ea
2 Trix Yogurts $2 Ea

All of the coupons rounded up to $1, with exception of the Simplaits which rounded up to $.75

Used (4) .25/1 Bounty Coupon
Used .40/2 Crescent Rolls
Used .40/2 Cinnamon Rolls
Used (2) .50/1 Newmans Pasta Sauce
Used (3) .40/1 Simpait Yogurt Coup
Used .40/2 Trix Yogurt
Total OOP $7.00

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