Monday, August 20, 2012

Ashley's Albertsons and Target 8/20

I wasn't expecting to make it home with much, since we are coming close to the end of the Albertsons Coupon Round-Up. However, I did make it home with some goods. Here are my scores!

This is my Target score. I didnt have much time to really browse the coupons, but I did find some cheap goodies.

Total OOP: $4.73

Here is my Albertsons trip. The best deals were the crackers! Each pack was only $1 after round up. These are great snacks for the honey and my little princess. (Meanwhile, honey is eating one of the Grands Biscuit to "try it out" right now, and is sharing with Princess. She blew on her hot bite, ate it, and then said mmmm! Thought that was worthy of sharing, as most things are with our babies!)

Total OOP: $9.47

Have a great evening! Hope I made you proud Lorri! 

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