Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Subscribe to the Oregonian 38 cent per week

I had a friend send me this deal yesterday but I wanted to wait until I could confirm the deal before posting.  If you would like to receive the Sunday and Tuesday papers from The Oregonian, call them now for this great deal! The coupon inserts are in these two papers! I heard you can purchase up to 4 deals at this discounted price, however I was only able to get 1.

$19.99 for an entire 1 YEAR subscription! that's just a little over 38 cents a week!

Call 503-221-8240 and use code: 507

This code expires 8/31/12. Good for the following counties: Columbia, Washington, Multnomah, Clackamas & Yamhill.

* Side note the 1st time I called I told them my friend told me about this deal and I wanted to check if I was able to get it too. She told me I had to have received a postcard in the mail to get it and offered me 99 cents a week. I called back a few hours later and said I wanted to check to see if a discount code was available in my area, I gave her the code and was asked if I received a postcard. I mumbled something that sounded like a yes. (I did after all get a postcard the night before, it was just from Rent a Center, not the Oregonian) I asked if I could get multiply subscriptions and was told no.

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