Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ashley's Albertsons TTV coupon trip

This is one of those trips we all dread. I went in with a specific plan of attack, and when one thing goes wrong, it ruins the remaining transactions.

Here is my haul, and my total OOP was 24.85. The dollar amount was what I was expecting to pay, but I didn't end up with some items, as they didn't carry the Gerber Pouches. Therefore, I spent about $5 more than planned.

10 Packages Bologna (Rcv $10 Cat)
4 A&W Rootbeer (Rcv $5 Cat)
2 Squirt (Rec $2 Cat for Both 7Up and Squirt)
2 7Up
3 Velveeta Shells and Cheese (Rec $2 Cat)
2 Barilla Microwave Lunches
2 Soft Scrub Products
4 Ball Park Frank Hot Dog Packages (B1G1)
1 Lance Cracker Sandwiches

* Mind you, I hate bologna, but my better half loves it for his lunches. So, I figured its a win win, getting a $10 cat for 10 things of bologna. 

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