Monday, August 20, 2012

School supply Challenge Plan of attack August 20th

As of last night we still need, however the boys dad just texted me and said he picked up a few items. I no longer have to try and find the items marked out but sense my goal is to provide them their entire list I will still try. It's always good to have extras at home anyways right?

Clark -
1 pack of Crayola Twistables
2 pink pearl erasers
1 set watercolors
1 4 pack dry erase markers
Pencil supply box

Logan -
1 set thin tip markers
1 set wide tip markers
2 pink pearl erasers
1 set watercolors
2 sharpies

So what am I planning to buy this week?  I need to go online and check the prices of Toys R Us. If I can't get them less then $2 per set I will not go. Walmart and Walgreens are just up the street from me and sense I'll be picking up my free 8x10 Print tomorrow I can grab the few other things I need then too.

Toys R US
             All Crayola Markers on sale Buy 1, Get 2 FREE
                *Includes washables, pip-squeaks and super tips
     All Crayola Crayons on sale Buy 1, Get 2 FREE
         *Includes large crayons, washables and Twistables
Thanks to Frugal Living NW for these
             5 " Scissors -- $0.50      
             Crayola Twistable Crayons --  $1.97
             Cra-Z-Art Markers $0.50
             Sharpie Marker on sale $.39
      2 pack Expo Dry Erase Markers -- $0.99


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