Monday, August 20, 2012

Coupon organization: full insert filling

 *** Disclaimer there is many ways to store your coupons, none are right or wrong, and each has it's pros and cons. I've used the methods I'm going to talk about and will give you MY pro's and cons. My feelings will not be hurt if you don't like my way ***

Are you finding yourself overwhelmed by all those coupons? Don't know how to organize your ever growing pile of coupons? There is noting worse then seeing a stealer deal and then spending 30 minutes trying to find the coupon or worse yet not being able to find it!

That's what happened to one of my friends last week, She called me asking what insert was the 7/8 RP My 1st response was "the July 8th Red Plum silly.:." She said "NO what's on the cover!" I said "Hold on I'm on break, be right there" When I got to her desk I was greeted by this:

Photo credit to my friend, I'm not going to out her.

IMO (and I think she agrees) her coupons had no rhyme or reason other then she was keeping them as  whole inserts. My 1st tip, on the side spine of the inserts it tells you where the insert is from and when it was released ie "Smart Source 8/19" This is fine print and not always easy to read so if you plan on keeping your inserts loose, get a sharpie and write on the front "SS 8/19" in big letters.
You can keep your coupons like my friend did above, a massive pile of papers but standing in the store trying to find what coupons you have gets annoying and frustrating when you cant find what your looking for.

When I 1st started couponing again I picked up one of these file folders with 13 (i think) pockets, 13 is about all you will need as that is 3 months worth. By the time you fill it up, the oldest insert will 99.9% be expired.

To start, label with a sticky note each pocket with your oldest insert, If this is your 1st week you would date the pocket 8/19. Slide your inserts in and your done organizing your coupons!

* It's fast to organize your coupons, all your inserts are right at your finger tips.
* great for busy moms
* your investment depends on how much to spend on the file folder

* more prep time to get ready to shop
* not as user friendly in store
* you may forget what you have, ie you see a killer clearance on shampoo/conditioner. But you have no idea what insert that $3/2 coupon was in, you'd have to search the inserts to find it.

Stay tuned.... comming up next, The Binder Method


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